Feng Shui for Love

What with it being Valentine's day and all, I thought I would share a lovely story about a Buddhist client of mine in Highgate, London. She had commissioned me to help her organise her home office more effectively in terms of aligning desk to good direction to suit her horoscope and colours to balance the energy there and throughout the flat etc.
A lovely client of mine has a large new build project in London which I am working on since 2014, and as part of the service I also provided their full Chinese Horoscope charts. During the course of conversation, he announced he was getting married and that they were planning a wedding at their home in France for the September and what did I think of the date they had set?
  Holy Couple web Spring is definitely in the air and Beltaine on its way! If your romantic life could do with some re-energising, here's a great little free Feng Shui for Love  video I filmed quite a few years ago, still full of great common sense tips on how to set up your home with Feng Shui for male/female harmony.   If you are in same sex relationships then get in touch as I am trained in Mo Gik Feng Shui which is specific to same gender partnerships and the unique energy of what we call 'gay' homes or buildings.
Feng Shui Love Couple Essentially, Feng Shui is all about yin and yang, and not in an obvious way. It is really important to understand the Taoist perspective on male/female dynamics and more importantly how the layout and design of your home will be influencing the relationship balance of the occupants.