Feng Shui for Sleep

Sleeping Child high resGood quality sleep is so vital for our health and happiness, but is increasingly elusive for adults and children alike. Typically, researchers will turn to the 'mechanics' of sleep such as biological processes, nutrition, heartbeat, the amount of REM and deep sleep cycles, the type of mattress etc.  All of these are important to help us understand the physicality of sleep...but rarely do I see the subtle influences on sleep to be analysed...
Feng Shui for Sleep Couple Deep sleep has to be the most important ingredient for good health and emotional balance, and so many people just can't get enough of the old kip. Research has shown that blue light emitted from our smartphones and computer devices confuse the body clock, especially when used at night. 
Lighting is so important in our lives and I am so pleased to see that lighting companies are really evolving in their understanding of how light impacts the human being and they are modifying their bulbs and systems to be much more responsive to human needs. 
Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London, 21st June 2012It is trendy these days for coaches to say 'there is a season for everything'... but they have no real system to substantiate that statement - the Chinese Five Element wisdom in your horoscope can literally show you the RIGHT SEASON, the RIGHT TIME to take inspired action. Heaven is massive and still mostly unfathomed! The Chinese created elegant systems to engage with and listen to and communicate with this powerful energy.