Inner Feng Shui

History is saturated with myths and legends about heroes & heroines overcoming odds, miracles being performed and wizards & witches performing alchemical magic. From David and Goliath to the legend of Arthur & Merlin, and both the Pagan and Christian Easter traditions, humankind instinctively reaches for the seemingly miraculous. Or at the very least, the chance to be re-born. Re-shaped. Resurrected. 
Feng Shui Love Couple Essentially, Feng Shui is all about yin and yang, and not in an obvious way. It is really important to understand the Taoist perspective on male/female dynamics and more importantly how the layout and design of your home will be influencing the relationship balance of the occupants.

After working hard in Tokyo to provide Feng Shui tuition and then Feng Shui consultation on a home and business, I took some time out to visit the amazing city of Kyoto and rather than jam all temples into 2 days, I preferred to adopt...

We are approaching the Winter Solstice,  one of the major energetic turning points of the year as the longest night (yin) greets the return of the Sun (yang) and the days become longer. From a Chinese metaphysics perspective, the forces of yin and yang are the building blocks of the/your universe because they represent the dynamics of birth, death and the ever changing cycle of natural energy. 

I first came across this lovely Chinese proverb many moons ago when studying Shiatsu in 1996...

It speaks to me about the importance of inner knowledge and inner peace and how our radiance creates an atmosphere with a knock-on effect into the wider world.  It also reminds me how important it is to live in a peaceful environment.