Magnet Therapy

With winter approaching us in Northern Hemisphere, I felt inspired to create a dedicated blog piece to health and wellbeing technologies, so that you have the knowledge you need to keep healthy this winter.


Even though you have your fair share of rain in some climates(!), especially Europe, you can still get dehydrated easily, as central heating goes on and dries the air out in your house or office space. You can remedy this with drinking more water of course, but no just any water. 
One of the most common complaints from prospective residential Feng Shui clients of mine is that they are finding it hard to sleep. We have had huge success with helping people sleep better, particularly children - it's so cute when I get to help the little people! So, here's another free video from my popular Feng Shui Video series, which shows you basic Feng Shui considerations and other practical tips for  arranging your bedroom.
As Feng Shui consultants our job is to ascertain the health of an environment from an energetic perspective and provide suggestions for improvement. Aside from lifeforce energy there are also very practical considerations such as air and water quality, which is why I make it known to my Feng Shui clients and students that the Nikken products work really well to cleanse drinking water and clean indoor air which is often more polluted than outdoor air.

See these articles in Time Magazine about how magnet therapy works - its nice to see allopathic doctors waking up to the very real benefits of advanced magnetic arrays. As part of my Feng Shui work I keep an eye on the physical environment of...

Here is a link to a short article about how magnets have helped diabetes sufferers improve circulation in their feet. Nikken have been promoting the virtues of magnetic insoles in shoes for over 30 years. What is so unique about these Nikken products is that they...