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The Wilderness Spa ImageHow good are you at feeling truly alive, deeply connected and purposeful? Like anyone, I have good days and not so aligned days... I have days when I feel purposeful and balanced and days when I feel out of sorts and have to undertake specific practices such as yoga or meditation to get back into that expanded state of relaxed focus and appreciation for life.  Why do we change so much day to day, hour to hour sometimes? 
Happy Winter Solstice At 04.49am GMT on 22/12/2015 the Winter Solstice happens when the North Pole is tilted furthest away from the sun, so it is the longest and darkest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

The term 'solstice' comes from the Latin word 'solstitium', which means 'Sun standing still'.

This means we are approaching SPRING and SUMMER!!! We only have January and February to go... well, and March.... until we have some semblance of half-decent weather again... 
Feng Shui for Sleep Couple Deep sleep has to be the most important ingredient for good health and emotional balance, and so many people just can't get enough of the old kip. Research has shown that blue light emitted from our smartphones and computer devices confuse the body clock, especially when used at night. 
Let it Go beach wavesWith the onset of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, the chi is starting to contract and condense, and it is a great time for organisation and elimination. Autumn is associated with the Metal Element in Feng Shui and the metal element is linked to the organs of the skin, large intestine and lungs.