Seasonal Living

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, anger is related to wood element which is the Spring season, but did you know that heat (Fire element) can encourage the anger to be 'produced' in the Five Element cycle?
This means that too much fire element (red colour, heat) can make you more readily express anger!
If you have a living area in the South direction of your home, and it is painted with red or purple or green, you could be more susceptible to a few bouts of anger, especially with temperatures rising.  Even worse, if your kitchen is in the South then there is already the fire element of the stove/hob which is adding to the natural Fire element of the South.

I have just returned from an epic 1 day workshop with the inimitable & gracious Stewart Pearce, all about the power of the voice and sound to transform our energy and connect to spiritual energies. I had never heard of him before, but saw a post on Facebook and was immediately intrigued.  Clearly, as a Feng Shui consultant, it is really important that I keep my energy field vibrating highly with plenty of peacefulness and joy and optimism, with which to work with my fabulous clients. :)

Equinox Solstice illustration From 23 August 2015 we entered the "Chu Shu - Limit of Heat" solar fortnight, and then on the 8th September we came into "Bak Low - White Dew" and I certainly noticed a lot more moisture on the lawn around that time in the mornings. From 23rd September we enter the "Chow Fun - Autumn Equinox" solar fortnight, during which point of the Vernal (or Fall/Autumn) Equinox the balance of light and day is more or less equal in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 
Let it Go beach wavesWith the onset of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, the chi is starting to contract and condense, and it is a great time for organisation and elimination. Autumn is associated with the Metal Element in Feng Shui and the metal element is linked to the organs of the skin, large intestine and lungs.