The ‘Haute Couture’ of design - having a home or business designed with Feng Shui in mind transforms your space from off the shelf to utterly bespoke - beautifully tailored to your unique energy constitution. Business premises can use Feng Shui design right from the start to increase client footfall, increase consumer spend and create exquisite ambience particularly in spas and restaurants. We don’t do trinkets. We do beautiful.
We understand the practical constraints facing urban planners and seek always to work in a spirit of supportive collaboration, having advised on projects with Westminster Council planners, urban planners in France, Marine & Fisheries Sustainablity Officers in Antigua and civil engineers in UAE, Master McAllister can expertly navigate design considerations and legislative issues and still produce workable Feng Shui Urban and City Planning solutions.
Some architects have confessed over the years that some spaces “just don’t feel right” even though they might have a stunning visual design concept. This is a classic result of designing a new build without Feng Shui architectural considerations in mind. We can help you avoid Feng Shui mistakes that can be very costly both to your design and construction team and your clients longer term profitability or happiness and health.