One of the key principles in Feng Shui is how to increase the Vitality energy at a property so that people feel vibrant and strong and able to live life to the full.


Is your love life a little flat? Have you lost interest in sex? Is it a bit ‘same same’? Have you lost that feeling of vulnerably strong intimacy that used to feel so inspiring and precious?


A VIP Feng Shui consultation with Master Sarah McAllister will take a three pronged approach to helping you regain that zest.

Personal Energy Cycles

She will look at your Chinese horoscope to determine how you relate to others, how you relate to the man or woman in your life. Which of the five elements is your Master element and which colours can support your sense of confidence and vitality.

Home Environment

Sexual performance and confidence depends upon feeling healthy and having good communication and there are certain areas of the home that will either help or hinder your energy levels and either encourage harmony or create conflict. Our Feng Shui VIP consultation will assess your home and make clear practical recommendations to improve the energy flow, based on ancient Chinese “Chi calculations” that match your personal astrology to the directions of the home.


Having a Feng Shui & Chinese Horoscope consultation is a significant occasion in your life and increasingly, Sarah finds that follow up coaching sessions really help to embed the new awareness, so that you can most fully benefit from the recommendations and understand how to take actions towards a new you, and a new relationship.

Whether single or married, gay or straight, you can benefit from having a Feng Shui consultation and Chinese Horoscope reading to reinvigorate your home and outlook and either attract a partner or rekindle the flames in an existing relationship to burn hotter than ever before.

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68 Shades of Chi

68 Shades of Chi

Sarah has put together this fun yet thought provoking eBook that gives insights into sexual energy cultivation and the link between vitality and harmony and the space you surround yourself with.

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