Blend ancient Feng Shui wisdom with modern design to create new cities as havens of peace and prosperity within a sometimes crazy world.

We understand the practical constraints facing urban planners and seek always to work in a spirit of supportive collaboration, having advised on projects with Westminster City Council planners, urban planners in France, Marine & Fisheries Sustainability Officers in Antigua and civil engineers in UAE, Master McAllister can expertly navigate design considerations and legislative issues and still produce workable Feng Shui Urban and City Planning solutions.

Our highly specialised techniques can be applied to the following city problems:

Crime and anti-social behaviour – removing ‘poison chi’ to circulate more positive energies to support a harmonious neighbourhood.

Economic decline – avoid common design errors in the infrastructure that kill off the flow of chi to an area.

Vacant buildings – even some landmark buildings in London lie empty for years with no tenants – Feng Shui skill can tell you why and then show how to fix them.

Emotional & Mental Wellness – increasingly the science of wellness is proving what feng shui has been saying all along, that green spaces help us feel relaxed and bring vitality energy to a space and encourage emotional wellbeing.

Feng Shui helps connect the human to nature at very profound levels by tapping in to universal life force. Even a small strategically placed water feature or bamboo plant can make a world of difference in an otherwise concrete jungle… but there’s much more to it than that of course…!

Other applications for Feng Shui City Planning:

Social Housing projects – How to plan new developments or work with existing developments to improve quality of life of tenants.

Leisure & Commercial Complex – Large leisure or commercial sites can be planned to not only increase the success in the short-term but also the longer term.

New Government Buildings / Administration Complexes – Design strong buildings aligned to pure & decisive rather than mixed & indecisive chi.

New Cities – New economic or industrial cities present the perfect opportunity to blend ancient wisdom with modern design and create havens of peace and prosperity within a sometimes crazy world.

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