Your business premises is a reflection of your brand and needs to not only to support your commercial goals but also to look after your most valuable assets – your staff.

Allow us to create a commercial space that arouses curiosity, brings in the customers and quite literally exudes a magnetic appeal. A cross cultural design phenomena, Feng Shui is used more and more by both large and small businesses alike in UK and Europe to bring that extra special something to a store or shop.

Feng Shui design is proven to give a significant psychological boost to staff, not to mention the tangible benefits to be enjoyed from designing in harmony with auspicious energies. Businesses using Feng Shui Agency skill to choose their new building or work on the design have reported such benefits as:

  • Record sales figures in the new property
  • Reduction in outgoings
  • Increased profit per quarter
  • Improved relations between staff and other tenants
  • Reduced sickness and absenteeism.


The bottom line is, can your business afford to risk poor design hampering performance?

Sarah sits on the Global Wellness Institute’s Wellness Architecture Initiative, and has decades of experience advising commercial clients on how to create healthy spaces by considering light, air and water quality and the materials used in renovations/builds.  All aspects of a project impact the overall Feng Shui, so it is important to plan it carefully and from a holistic viewpoint.

Practical and Innovative

At Feng Shui Agency we have always bucked against the trend of ‘airy fairy Feng Shui’ and will not be waving any crystals or trinkets at you. Sarah’s career background in family business and corporations such as Threadneedle Investments, DAS Legal Expenses and Deutsche Bank have given her a genuine understanding of the challenges businesses face in terms of how best to use their space, how to stay within budgets, how to constantly consider the ROI etc.

Sarah has lead many interior design team projects and understands the challenges of the project cycle of design and procurement and how to communicate effectively with suppliers and tradespeople.

“It is thanks to the ‘real world limitations’ that our creativity is stimulated, to produce concepts and ideas that achieve the vision and supply alternatives within and around practical bounds.” Sarah McAllister

Glow Urban Spa Commercial Feng Shui Testimonial

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