Building a Property Portfolio without Feng Shui knowledge is inviting disaster as you get stuck with homes that won’t rent out or sell on easily, unreliable tenants and nightmarish management issues.

You can avoid all this by buying or investing only in properties with good Feng Shui.

How we help:


Plot Selection

From assessing small humble plots allover Britain to selecting from choices of plots to buy on Palm Al Jebeli in Dubai, new townhouse sites in Saudi Arabia and $45m properties in Malibu hills, Sarah’s love of travel takes her all over the world to help clients to make the right choices and to secure the best plot of land for development.

We can work remotely in some cases but it is far better to fly us over to the site itself.

New Build Design Advice

If you are creating a new building whether a single dwelling/office or an estate or commercial park, we can help you leverage the environment to bring prosperity and harmony to the entire project. Simple advice such as the flow of traffic into and out of the property and where to place power plants and any aquatic landscaping, can have very beneficial effects.

Existing Property Audit

Let us help with those properties you already own and need to sell or develop. We can advise on the best way forward to improve it, or give advice on whether it is a ‘dud’ that you should concentrate on selling and cutting your losses. We also have a Pre-Purchase Service that helps you with your investment decisions.

Sarah has trained in property investment, so any advice provided not only blends perfectly the Feng Shui requirements but also a grounded sense of what is needed for a successful project or investment portfolio.

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