Nature has reliable cycles – the sun rises and sets, the moon graces the night sky… birth, development, peak and death are key concepts in understanding when to retreat and when to progress…

Throughout the natural world rhythms and cycles are magically at work to create the life sustaining and abundant world we inhabit. You can use this knowledge of natural forces to make better decisions about when to take action on specific projects. Taking action upon this knowledge increases your chance of desired outcome by approx. 30% and can increase success of Business Openings, Website and New Product launches, Marriage Ceremonies, Conceiving a Child and even trading the stock market.

How does this work?

The moon governs the tides and crop productivity, and the earth’s magnetic field is influenced by the pull of the larger planets, most notably Jupiter and Saturn. Successful traders from major financial capitals acknowledge the affect of timing and the moon cycle on trading performance. The Chinese 10000 Year Calendar and the Tung Sing Chinese Almanac both contain vital information on nature’s cycles and reveal the times of greatest vitality and productivity and the times of the sleepiest or most fragmented and unstable energy.

We take your date of birth and assess how YOUR UNIQUE ENERGY CONSTITUTION combines or clashes with nature’s cycles.

  • Planning important events for increased success
  • Marriage
  • Dates to conceive children naturally
  • Dates for IVF cycles
  • Business or product launch
  • PR event
  • Emigration
  • Breaking Ground to Start a Self-build or refurbishment
  • Buying & Selling Shares
  • Move in to a New Property
  • Exchange Contracts on Property or important business deals

Acting in a timely way, co-operating with the unique blend of nature’s rhythms and your own unique energy constitution, increases the likelihood of success by an estimated 33.3%.

Qi Scheduling™ Quarterly Forecast

Rather than just focus on one or two events per year, we can help you organise your life and workflow by providing quarterly forecasts via email.

This means you can schedule your best hours of work in the day, assign days for admin, catch up, research, health, romance,

I love being spontaneous and yet I also know the wisdom of watching the cycles of nature in my own life. Its great to have a balance between total freedom and organised plan.

Group Date Selection – we can work with the general group chi in some situations but prefer to support the main stakeholders/organisers where these are identifiable.

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