The colours we wear have a profound effect on our mood and how we look also affects our sense of self, confidence and has the power to make us happy or miserable. Finally, there is a system steeped in ancient wisdom that we can have fun applying to personal style and fashion!

“In My Element™” Personal Style

If you are a supportive fire nature and wear black all the time you will be working against your own energy, and experiencing far too many arguments than you deserve!

If you are classic Earth nature then your career will be boosted by wearing Metal element styles and clothing colours.

Depending on your unique horoscope chart, I will show you 2 or 3 colour and style sets that will support your own chi so that you truly say that you feel “In My Element”…

I also relate this vital information to how you communicate in life, how you use your voice to best effect and what times of the day suit you best.

‘Fat’ horoscope Charts and “Thin” horoscope charts…!

Using the Chinese Astrology chart I can see whether or not the elemental mix unique to you is making your energy too stuck and therefore more likely to hold on to weight.

Some charts are literally ‘fat’ or ‘strong’ and some charts are ‘Thin’ or ‘weak’ and depending on which chart you have, I can help you understand which elements will be your friends and allies and which elements undermine you or weaken you.

For example, a Strong Earth chart is more likely to put on weight than a ‘Weak’ Earth chart and there are measures you can take to help counteract this influence.

The whole framework of traditional chinese medicine is so holistic, we might also need to help you with the Feng Shui of your home to achieve weight loss goals, as some homes carry stuck chi more than others.

We can also highly recommend our associate acupuncturist to you, to help you with your chi balancing.

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