Did you know that American couples spend on average $26,000 per IVF cycle to get pregnant? Studies show it takes an average of 2.1 cycles to be successful. This means $54,600 is spent in the search for a pregnancy, and with the highest rate of success being 82%.

I would love to help you see another perspective…

It is the viewpoint of timing. There truly is a season for everything and every woman has different life cycles that are revealed by the Chinese Horoscope Chart.

These life cycles clearly indicate the RIGHT time to conceive and the WRONG Time to be hoping to fall pregnant

Before they sought our advice, many of my clients were becoming ill, frustrated and depressed, and suffering miscarriage after miscarriage, all because they were trying at the wrong time, to achieve something that is so natural, it makes sense that nature would have a say in the matter!

You see, your horoscope reveals certain seasons or months or years to be more beneficial for you to ‘produce’ and we help you support your health choices and your efforts to conceive, so that you enjoy a more timely pregnancy.

The true Power of Yin & Yang

The best approach is a combination of Feng Shui of the home, Chinese Horoscope of the mother (and father too sometimes) and Auspicious Date Selection or Qi Scheduling.

No walk in the park

This isn’t something that is easily provided or attained. This takes almost surgical precision in the assessment of the horoscope, the tweaking of the property Feng Shui and the selection of an auspicious date. We cannot cut corners or offer quick fixes or cheap solutions or simply ‘take a quick look’. As with IVF, there are no guarantees, but if you are truly committed then we will move mountains to help you and leave no stone unturned. This is why to do our best for you, we require a committed investment from you.

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We help you with:

  • Best timing to prepare for conception
  • Feng Shui changes to the house to remove energy blockages
  • Five Element nutrition/health guidelines to prepare the body for conception
  • Best times to conceive naturally.
  • Best times to start IVF cycles
  • Best times to thaw frozen embryos
  • Pre-natal tips based on Chinese wisdom
  • Intentional talismans to protect the unborn foetus

Clearly, we are not looking to play God – I just cannot help but feel for those couples who are are struggling because they don’t know about this knowledge. I find it humbling to have helped women to have what I call ‘Feng Shui Babies’! We are simply offering you help that is not run of the mill.

The Sperm Ovum Compass

Sperm Ovum Compass