Are you frustrated by the ‘secret formulas’ peddled by so many coaches? The cookie cutter ‘models’ that sound promising, but just leave you confused?

Do you hunger for someone to really understand you and offer some bespoke coaching, that revolves around your unique Character DNA?

You are in the right place – you see the ancient Chinese knew a thing or two about the way the world works and our individual place in it. The wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine has endured for millennia and is even more relevant today as we all try to heal ourselves with natural cures and understand ourselves better and how we can uniquely contribute to the world.

Feng Shui (Geomancy) and Astrology (Cosmology) make up two of the Eight Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with Meditation, T’ai Chi/Chi Kung, Nutrition, Amma Bodywork, Herbology and Acupunture.

Based on your Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth (and your location) we will ‘open’ your Chinese Horoscope and thereby help you discover a deeper insight into your relationship with yourself, your Family, your Health, your natural talents and gifts, your best suited career, your ability to make money and the dynamics of power & leadership in your chart.

Are you a natural born leader or are you better at helping the “ideas” person complete their goals? Which colours best support you? Which foods give you extra vitality? This powerful knowledge helps you understand and better navigate and influence your life path and also is a great help to employers wishing to understand their staff and in psychological profiling.

“Millionaires don’t use horoscopes, billionaires do!”


Chinese Horoscope is based on the year alone so it is very general. It is superstitious and belongs to the Middle Ages.

Ba Zi means Eight Characters, which make up the Four Pillars of your Chinese Horoscope i.e. the Year, Month, Day and Hour.

It is not superstitious and neither is it based on any religion. Those who are cynical are usually those who have never studied the subject, for if they had they would understand the high intelligence of the metaphors used to understand the human interface with the natural world and the cosmos.

What areas of my life can you focus on?

Many interesting things can be revealed once the Chinese horoscope is ‘opened’ – here are some examples of what we can focus on:

  • Your personal power and capacity for influence
  • How to support your health
  • The types of investments that benefit you
  • When to marry
  • When to look for a new job or career promotion
  • When to start your own business
  • When to lay low and consolidate
  • How to reduce risk of divorce
  • What career suits your temperament
  • Whether your friends help or hinder you and how to re-balance the dynamics
  • When you are most likely to attract a partner…etc
four pillar chart

All this invaluable knowledge for only £594 inc. VAT

What’s included?


Do you have STAR potential? And if so, how best to bring it out of yourself?

Your most effective COMMUNICATION STYLE

Your unique “QI SIGNATURE” TM and how to ‘work it’!

Strategy for the BEST CAREER to suit your natural energy and natural enthusiasm

Best times to find LOVE & MARRIAGE and what to do if still single without wanting to be!

Your MONEY element – why you have it or don’t have it, how to manage it better and attract MORE!

How good is your SEX LIFE? Will you suffer from betrayal or sexual dysfunction? If so, what to do about it.

BREAK FREE FROM PAST – Brief analysis of past to look for important patterns that you need to break free from

MOVING FORWARD IN LIFE – How to Use the Information Going Forward in your Life

“In My Element” Image & Styling Advice! What is your best STYLE and the BEST COLOURS for your wardrobe.

Comprehensive list of IDEAL CAREERS for you

IDEAL FOODS suited to you

DIVINE PROTECTION – Your Lucky Protective Stars

LUCKY DIRECTIONS for travel and for sitting in during meetings or at home

Full Colour Chinese Horoscope Chart

5 Year In Depth Forecast

10-15 Year General Forecast

Full Colour Chinese Horoscope Chart

30 minute Skype / Telephone Call to answer any
questions you have – worth £150! and much much more…*

Please note, the above features are examples of what a horoscope report will contain and some of them might not be relevant to your chart.