Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome

Electrosmog (electromagnetic pollution) is an increasing concern in our homes and offices.

There is a condition now recognised by healthcare professionals known as Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome. To remain fully healthy we need to have some exposure to healthy magnetic energy that is experienced in nature, while sat under a tree or in a meadow, or on a natural beach for example. The problem with the modern way of life for many people, is that we live in concrete covered cities, travel to work in fast moving metal apparatus and then go to work in a hi-rise building on the 19th floor (I have done all this!) and then go home and sleep in an 8th storey apartment. There is no contact with the earth. This is further compounded by the presence of harmful electromagnetic frequencies generated by office equipment, mobile phone signals, Wi-Fi and the fact that many new buildings are constructed from steel girders that cause a difficulty in getting a compass reading because the magnetics are thrown out.

This takes it’s toll gradually over time…it can lead to depression, immunity problems, always being ill, irritability, insomnia, and in some awful cases cancers.

Environmental Toxins

Added to which there are so many environmental toxins in our environment, from cleaning products, carpet fibres, to paint VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and pesticides and GM (genetically modified) cells in the food we eat unless completely organic. Living amidst such a hostile environment, it is no wonder that cancer, heart disease is still widespread and that destructive and tragic conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are on the rise.

Some experts also link the toxins in our environment with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and allergies in children.

Asthma is something that is also made significantly worse if the air in your home and bedroom is laden with invisible toxins.

Realistic Idealists

Happily, at Feng Shui Agency Ltd, we are both realists and idealists. We look for ways to help people where they need help, not preach at them to live in a cave on a mountain top. We were fortunate to encounter a company in 2005 that have the same values as us and a sensible approach to incorporating wellness into the everyday, so that people have no excuses to benefit from these ‘passive’ technologies.

The company is called Nikken and was founded in Japan over 40 years ago. Our company is a proud distributor of their products, which range from air filters and water filters to magnetic array Sleep System mattress toppers, duvets and pillows. Seeing as Feng Shui looks at your environment we are most enthusiastic about the Nikken Wellness Home and Environmental Wellness Technologies such as the AirPower air filter and ioniser and the PiMag Water Filter system and PiMag optimiser.

We can also supply built in water filters to go under the countertop in your kitchen and amazing air filters for your car interior, which are currently unavailable in the UK. Please contact us to discover more.