You don’t know what you don’t know. It is sad when people buy or rent a house that is wholly unsuitable for them and has negative Feng Shui.

I have seen this happen to many clients, friends and family who get excited about a property then call us in to “see what we think”… The truth that many Feng Shui consultants won’t tell you is that some homes cannot be easily ‘remedied’ and even if they can, they are only curable for a short amount of time.  I have families or couple buy homes with negative feng shui that end up  in divorce, bankruptcy and career stagnation and homes bought that we advise on that nurture and support you in health and happiness.

So, if you would like your dream home to really be just that, a place that supports your dreams and aspirations, then please have us advise you professionally. We will be able to confidently advise you whether the Feng Shui of your new home will suit you as an individual or as a couple or family unit.

What happens with a Pre-Purchase Feng Shui survey?


Internet Listings:

Sometimes a property can be dismissed based on the Feng Shui of its location and floor plan alone and do not require a site visit. The only difficulty with online listings is that they can sometimes be misleading and quite often the direction/orientation indicated on the floor plan is not in fact correct.

Shortlist of Properties to View onsite:

Internet listings can be helpful for us to create a shortlist of properties to take time to view onsite.

The site visit co-ordinated either directly with the estate agent or with you and the property owner. We need a MINIMUM of 20 minutes onsite, preferably 30mins to take the Feng Shui compass readings. This work of interpreting subtle energy cannot be rushed.

We will then take some quiet time back in the office, or if more urgent in a cafe near to the properties to examine our Feng Shui calculations and notes, and then give you our advice and verdict about the properties.

This service does not include a full report and recommendations for optimising the home. It simply gives you a yes/no. When you exchange contracts or sign your rental agreement, you can then hire us to give a full Feng Shui report with advice on how to optimise the property.

In Central London the property market moves swiftly, so it is ideal if we can assess the Feng Shui of several properties in one 2 hour booking.


This varies depending on the amount of properties you need us to view. We are always fair in the way we allocate time and therefore our fees to you. This service ranges from £280 to £800+ depending on the size and number of the properties to view and whether commercial or residential.

Need a super fast response?

As the housing market can be unpredictable and move fast sometimes many properties need to be considered, we also offer a retainer service where you pay up front and we deduct time in 20min slots. This allows us to be able to respond quicker to you.

Consider how, people will pay £800 plus for a structural surveyor to give you a visual only inspection that only examines the bricks and mortar, not the subtle energy or the health of a home. So, considering that home purchase is usually the biggest spend of many households, this cost for the Feng Shui audit is negligible in comparison.

If your budget is unlimited we will travel to all of the locations. This service equally applies to rented properties. Travel time and parking fees chargeable at cost.

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