Crystal Wharf

Crystal Wharf

BRIEF: The client is a young man with a stressful career in the City. He requested a classic yet modern style with regard to furnishings and wished the space to feel relaxing and inviting.

These colours were selected not only to harmonise the Feng Shui influences of the direction of the room but also to resonate with the supportive element of the client’s Ba Zi Chinese Astrology chart.

We sourced the silk fabric and arranged for curtains to be made to fit. We supervised the decorators, supplied furniture at significant discount for the client and supervised purchase of all accessories to ensure suitability from a Feng Shui perspective.

The very pale green was chosen to harmonise with both the Feng Shui readings of the apartment and the element of surrounding canal area.

We recommended and organised the sanding of the floorboards to brighten the room and arranged for the installation of privacy film on the windows.

The rug was made to our specific requirements and ripple design. Significant trade discounts were secured for the client via our plant and furniture suppliers.

The client required a home study both for work and contemplation, so we provided both a desk space angled to his good directions and a chaise longue.

The muted tones on the walls were chosen to suit the Feng Shui Flying Star influences and we sourced the silk and linen for the custom-made curtains.

Regrettably we had no control over the type and colour of carpet and chose where possible to contrast against it rather than tone with it and draw attention to it.

“The key to good feng shui interior design is to serve the client by respecting their design tastes and functional requirements of the space, yet all the time using our ingenuity to apply feng shui know-how to balance the chi and support the occupants.“ – Sarah McAllister, Director

“I was so impressed with Sarah’s feng shui report that I decided to hire her company to fully interior design my flat. I am delighted with the results. The flat looks and feels wonderful. It is both energising and relaxing! I sleep like a baby and all my friends comment on the great energy of the place and the creative use of colour.  Sarah and Vatsal showed a real commitment to the project and to the achievement of high standards throughout. If feng shui design has this positive an effect on a residential premises then I really think more businesses and urban planners should be spending some serious money with Feng Shui Agency!” – Sascha Hirsch, Co CIO, Fortis Investments