Glow Urban Spa

Glow Urban Spa

The owner of Glow Phillip Davies asked us to help him with the design of his urban spa and the business has blossomed and gone on to win awards and high acclaim in the media. His customers remark on how the place has such a vibrant feeling for such a small city space.

The nail bar needed to afford clients privacy, but not entirely block the centre of the ground floor, and communicate with reception and beauty product retail area, so we designed a room divider to auspicious dimensions – and uniquely, even the void spaces are measured to resonate with auspicious energies from the Loa Bann ruler…

The basement rooms were deprived of light, so we advised on auspicious dimensions for the frosted glazing to borrow natural light from the corridor. The bright white with merest hint of green was selected for the walls not only to maximise the light, but also to provide yang energy to the yin basement area.

The use of mirrors was strictly controlled so that they not only expanded the space but also boosted the wealth position and did not clash to the element of the direction.

“I can wholeheartedly recommend employing the services of Sarah McAllister, Director of the Feng Shui Agency. I am opening an Urban Day Spa in Knightsbridge and was keen to follow the principles of Feng Shui so I contacted Sarah at the conceptual stage. I had sourced my site so had a specific space with which to work.

I had already employed an architect/designer so Sarah worked alongside my Designer and Graphic design agency, ensuring my logo and brand identity was favourable, and that my refit plans followed the relevant principles suitable to the site location and planned usage whilst always respecting and working with the brand vision.

Sarah thoroughly explained all the concepts and their relevance to me, without using lots of baffling jargon. She provided clear advice and an extremely detailed and informative report that enabled me to guide my team of builders through the project. Always very generous with her time, Sarah is very approachable, extremely knowledgeable and maintained regular contact at all times whilst never being overbearing.

Sarah showed sensitivity to the limitations of my project (structural, financial or other) and the commercial practicalities of the space, regularly offering alternatives if we were unable to implement particular suggestions whilst maintaining a real dedication and enthusiasm for my project including a great follow up service.”

Philip J Davies, Glow Urban Spa, London SW1X