Ba Zi Four Pillars Chinese Horoscopes

Ba Zi Four Pillars Chinese Horoscopes

Discover deeper insight into your relationship with your Family, your Health, your natural talents and gifts, your best suited career, your ability to make money and the dynamics of power in your chart. Are you a natural born leader or are you better at helping the “ideas” person complete their goals? Which colours best support you? Which foods give you extra vitality? This powerful knowledge helps you understand and better navigate and influence your life path and also is a great help to employers wishing to understand their staff and in psychological profiling.

“Millionaires don’t use horoscopes, billionaires do!” J P Morgan

Ba Zi Four Pillars Chinese Horoscopes

Chinese Horoscope is based on the year alone so it is very general.

Ba Zi means Eight Characters, which make up the Four Pillars of your Chinese Horoscope i.e. the Year, Month, Day and Hour

It was very surprising what Sarah could assess about my private and career life! It helped me to gain unexpected insights and also provided some wise and practical advice for the next 5-10 years. Really good value for money.” Sascha Hirsch, Co-CIO Fortis Investments 2008

Informed decisions to provide that extra edge

Would you like to find out how to care for yourself better and increase the odds of success by using the information found in your Chinese Birthchart?

Many interesting things can be revealed once the Chinese horoscope is ‘opened’ – here are some examples:

  • Your power and capacity for influence
  • How to support your health
  • When to sell your business
  • The types of investments that benefit you
  • When to invest in the stockmarket
  • When to buy and sell shares
  • When to marry
  • How to reduce risk of divorce
  • What career suits your temperament
  • Whether your friends help or hinder you
  • When you are most likely to attract a partner…etc

All this invaluable knowledge for only £594 inc. VAT

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What’s included:


Do you have STAR potential? And if so, how best to bring it out of yourself?

Your most effective COMMUNICATION STYLE

Your unique “QI SIGNATURE” TM and how to ‘work it’!

Strategy for the BEST CAREER to suit your natural energy and natural enthusiasm

Best times to find LOVE & MARRIAGE and what to do if still single without wanting to be!

Your MONEY element – why you have it or don’t have it, how to manage it better and attract MORE!

How good is your SEX LIFE? Will you suffer from betrayal or sexual dysfunction? If so, what to do about it.

BREAK FREE FROM PAST – Brief analysis of past to look for important patterns that you need to break free from

MOVING FORWARD IN LIFE – How to Use the Information Going Forward in your Life

“In My Element” Image & Styling Advice! What is your best STYLE and the BEST COLOURS for your wardrobe.

Comprehensive list of IDEAL CAREERS for you

IDEAL FOODS suited to you

DIVINE PROTECTION – Your Lucky Protective Stars

LUCKY DIRECTIONS for travel and for sitting in during meetings or at home

5 Year In Depth Forecast

10-15 Year General Forecast

Full Colour Chinese Horoscope Chart

30 minute Skype / Telephone Call to answer any
questions you have – worth £150! 

and much much more…*


“I had the Chinese Horoscope done for myself and fiancee and it was truly remarkable. It was insightful, specific and very accurate. It pinpointed our personalities and indicated the best time for making big life decisions. Having been told by Harley Street experts that we could not have children, we followed the advice about timing and are now proud parents to two healthy children. Highly recommended!” Paula Clancy, W Hotel Group 2007


How does it work?

When you were born nature was in a particular arrangement of the Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal and the 12 Zodiacal Animals. Every wisdom tradition (Native American, Aboriginal, Vedic, Celtic shamanism) uses the elements and very often they yield the same results. [See our Feng Shui Guide page for more information]. When you were born the year, month, day and hour had certain configurations of these elements and animals. We can tell by the hour and place of your birth which influences were present at your time of coming into the world and drawing your first breath of lifeforce.

Aren’t horoscopes just another belief system?

I believe I create my own reality… The old adage ‘You make your own luck’ is true. You create your reality and your beliefs influence your levels of happiness and success. We wouldn’t argue with that at all and on a metaphysical level few things are more powerful than your mind. However, we have become divorced from nature’s energy and the multiple levels of reality and energy, and independently of our belief systems, natures forces continue to act in accordance with universal laws of energy movement, energy birth, development and decline and whether we consciously recognise this or not, they are influencing our ‘magnetic attracting mind fields’.

Do I need to believe in Feng Shui and Chinese horoscopes for them to work?

You don’t need to believe in Feng Shui for it to work (though, it probably helps it to be more effective if you do because you are adding your own power of intention into the equation). You can develop an energetic cushion of protection against the ups and downs of life, but do you seriously expect to compete with or control the infathomable power of cosmic chi patterns?! Feng Shui engages with universal energy which does not discriminate between race, status, sex or education.

Can I transform my luck?

Yes. We never wish to limit our clients or imply absolute outcomes, but prefer to encourage their growth in what we see as the most likely and most fortuitous way, rather than advising to go against the flow and expend superhuman effort to fight the natural energy, you can elegantly combine to universal forces. This is after all, what Feng Shui is about – how to live in harmony with our environmental energy – whether spatial (building design) or time-sensitive (birth, peak and decline phases).

Isn’t it just common sense?

Feng Shui is partly common sense of course, in that Spring seems like a great time to instigate new projects and changes – but its all about fine-tuning – we can show you how to Grasp the Chi and start important projects or hold significant events at the best time for YOU in the particular season rather than at a random time. Sometimes we have to settle for second best because the church is full on the date you want to marry or the website designers can’t launch your website on the very best date. But we know that even second best is better than a completely random and uninformed choice! Rare Chi Days, Moon Blessing Days, Ghost Postman Days etc etc!

You are truly unique!

Our Chinese horoscopes are not concerned with cheap fortune telling, but with revealing the qualities of your unique energy constitution and providing understanding for you about how your energy combines or clashes to the energies of the current time. Simply put, you might be better off working on your career than hoping for a love match, because your natural core energy will be more effective in matters of career at the present time.

For example if you are a strong Fire character man, then Metal element represents both your money and your wife! So if you have a metal ‘fate’ period that lasts five years you have an increased chance of meeting your wife, as opposed to your lover.

All this invaluable knowledge for only £594 inc. VAT

Price Options

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Our service is extremely thorough, thoughtful and skilled and carried out by consultants with a combined 10 years of experience. You couldn’t be in better hands. Beware cheaper online alternatives that offer software automated analysis – all our horoscope charts are analysed by a professional and this allows the consultant to analyse the subtleties and special forms that most software will not detect.

So, order on the Paypal button above, and invest in yourself and your future success. The information contained is truly invaluable.