Feng Shui for Architecture

Feng Shui for Architecture

Some architects have confessed over the years that some spaces “just don’t feel right” even though they might have a stunning visual design concept. This is a classic result of designing a new build without Feng Shui architectural considerations in mind. We can help you avoid Feng Shui mistakes that can be very costly both to your design and construction team and your clients longer term profitability or happiness and health.
Whilst we are happy to work alongside your appointed architect for your new build or renovation / extension, we prefer to supply you with our own Feng Shui architects and design professionals (including trustworthy building teams) because they understand the requirements of Feng Shui and using us from the outset can help you save time, save money and have peace of mind that as much bespoke Feng Shui advice as possible is incorporated into your Feng Shui design.

Save time – no resubmissions to planning authorities with lengthy waits
Save money – no expensive re-drawing of plans
Peace of mind – assurance that as many bespoke Feng Shui aspects as possible are planned into your design.

Great savings on retail prices – we also offer great discounts on many interior design furnishings from the world’s leading suppliers.

Ignoring Feng Shui advice has lead to deaths of construction workers on some projects – this is the power of Feng Shui that is only just starting to be taken seriously and only the classically trained experts have the know-how to manage such power – there is more to Feng Shui than simply design – our clients engage us to help with the auspicious timing and project management of a build, brand/logo design, staff recruitment Opt for Feng Shui advice from people who really know what they are doing. Feng Shui Agency consultants.

Benefits vary considerably as each project is unique:

  • Improved designs set in motion by our unique feedback and point of view
  • Reduced costs never previously imaginable, as a result of our design input
  • The space quite literally feels amazingly good to occupy
  • Unique selling point for high end projects whose clientele expect intelligent energy sensitive design, especially clients  and investors from China, Malaysia, India and Japan.
  • Staff in such buildings feel really cared for and valued
  • Residential occupants report increased feelings of wellbeing
  • Tenant turnover is reduced, providing longer term rental income stability
  • Commercial tenants more likely to succeed and not default on rent

Master Sarah McAllister’s Feng Shui Architecture experience spans 230 000m2 multi-use commercial projects overseas to basement flat conversions in central London – we creatively apply authentic Feng Shui to ensure your project is built with natural energies at the core of the design, rather than as an add-on. Feng Shui design is not an extra to add at the end of the design process but a vital and integral vision to inform all design decisions. The earlier in the design stage you involve us the better we can help you.


  • Plot selection – purchase the best site right from the start
  • Landscaping and master planning – the exterior design is 60% influence on interior feng shui
  • Collaboration with client architects
  • Associate Feng Shui architects in London UK and Europe who work internationally
What makes us special?

Unlike many part-time or hobbyist consultants, we live and breathe Feng Shui every day, full-time, whether teaching, consulting or researching our methodology.

Master Sarah McAllister has close working relationships with Feng Shui Urban Planners and Feng Shui Architects in UK and Europe and we work all over the world.

Truly innovative in our blend of contemporary design know-how and understanding of  sustainable technologies and the fusion of Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry systems.

Previous clients include:

David Morley Architects, Hamiltons Architects and Masterplanners (now BFLS), Crawford Partnership, Morey Smith, Moxon Associates, OBM master planners, several smaller architectural practices, and a number of international high net worth individuals who desire to remain anonymous.

You will find us to be dedicated and discreet and respectful of client confidentiality.