Feng Shui Business Improvement

Feng Shui Business Improvement

In today’s challenging economy, being further hampered by negative Feng Shui influences is not a risk to which your business should be exposed. We will minimise or eradicate any negative energy and help you make full use of the positive energy available at your commercial premises, strongly increasing likelihood of business success.

Reported Benefits from our clients using Feng Shui for business include:
  • Reduction of outgoings by up to 40% following application of our suggestions
  • Record sales figures
  • Increase in passing trade
  • Increase in website enquiries and conversions
  • Better relationships with other building tenants
  • More harmonious and productive staff relationships – happy space = happy workers
  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Reduction in staff sickness
  • Staff feel better valued and more motivated


Troubleshooting an existing property.

We do not sell miracles, but we do promise to apply our expert knowledge of authentic Feng Shui to detect and neutralise problematic Feng Shui features in a building. With virtually no disruption to your working day, our experts will undertake their work politely and efficiently at your premises and in full confidentiality. You will receive recommendations on the day of the consultation and also a written report for your ease of reference within 10 working days.

Property Selection Service

Why take the risk of signing a lease on a property with terrible Feng Shui when we can help you source the best building – there are no perfect buildings even when designed from scratch, but there are buildings which will resonate with success more than others that resonate with failure.


Executive level recruitment can be fine tuned by analysing the horoscope of an applicant or existing employee. Who will support you with their actions and not just their words? Who is most likely undermine you when you are out of the office? Which staff members can work well together and which perform better when separated? Feng Shui horoscope techniques can help you see beneath the surface and understand and transform the subtle interpersonal dynamics and deep seated beliefs that can make or ruin a company culture.

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Logo and branding – shape, colour, symbol, values, market sector specialism – all can be analysed with Feng Shui principles to give you an extra depth and strength and better access your vision and purpose.

Timing of events – launch new products at the most appropriate times – faster than your competitors is not necessarily better.  Natural cycles are far more powerful than economic cycles and we can use this knowledge to our advantage.

  • Product Launch
  • Website Launch
  • Company Opening Celebration
  • Press Event
  • Political campaign
  • Legal proceedings

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