Feng Shui Coaching & Lifestyle Consultancy

Feng Shui Coaching & Lifestyle Consultancy

Our Feng Shui coaching helps you access and utilise areas of Feng Shui expertise that you didn’t know existed or needed! Our programs offer practical ways to connect with the power of Feng Shui. We also show you the best lifestyle services that can help you achieve your dream environment, your dream self and your dream lifestyle.  

Benefits of Feng Shui Coaching

Generate Momentum – Knowing when to act is just as important as how you take action – our service provides you with your Power Days best suited to you for taking action.

Maintain Focus – by returning again and again to the multitude of Feng Shui wisdom on offer you can discover new depths within yourself to support your goals.

Ever increasing effectiveness – by working with Feng Shui more than just the initial consultation you can continue to enjoy its protection and benefits throughout all the different energy cycles of the year.

Peace of Mind – you know you are aligning with your environment and the current energies as much as you can – the rest is hard work, perseverance and skill.

The Wellness Environment

Our years of experience of Feng Shui have taught us not only the transformational power of Feng Shui but also the limitations and sometimes clients needs a little technological help to keep their environment healthy.  Feng Shui Agency endorses the Nikken range of environmental technologies that infuse your space with fresh air, deliver unrivalled ‘live’ drinking water, soothe your aches and pains with their magnetic products and make you sleep like a baby with their totally unique Sleep System.

Clean air – The Wellness Air Pro produces negative ions without creating ozone. Endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation, this filter has helped our clients who suffer from asthma.

‘Live’ Water – The PiMag water system and optimiser not only filter tapwater but the vortex technology simulates the effect of water in a stream by swirling the water for 9 minutes to energise it  – the result is silky smooth water with amazing hydration qualities far superior to bottled water.

Magnetic Cocoon – the Kenko Sleep System consists of mattress, pillows and duvet which bring nature to you while you relax and sleep. The ceramic fibres in the duvet reflect far-infrared rays back to your body and the mattress creates gentle magnetic arrays to simulate healthy earth energy. This is proven to increase circulation and recovery – ideal for athletes and busy mothers or executives.

Nikken Affilate Business opportunities also available – call 0844 848 4099 or email nikken@fengshuiagency.com for further details.

Lifestyle Services

Over the years of consulting we have understood that our clients sometimes need access to complimentary services to help them achieve their dreams and goals.

Feng Shui Agency recommends:

Lorraine Wragg of Stream Organising – Lorraine will help you declutter and organise your home or business systems to take control of your space.

Celia Clark – a fashion stylist who works holistically with you to tap in to your most authentic self and then express yourself with style and confidence. New home new start or new business new look!

NLP – Alexis Garnaut-Miller at The Happiness Centre is a bundle of Australian sunshine with impressive knowledge and application of NLP skills.