Feng Shui Gardens & Landscaping

Feng Shui Gardens & Landscaping

Feng Shui Garden Design is so very exciting because the exterior of a property accounts for 60% of the Feng Shui influence, so the benefits increase exponentially when you create the garden to bring in the good chi and deflect the less desirable energies. Even a small roof terrace can resonate to the vibrancy of Feng Shui. Master Planning for a new hotel and spa resort? You must let us help you create a haven of tranquillity and prosperity!

Water features, ponds, streams, lakes, pathways, large trees, shrubs, statues, art objects, lighting and sound – all have an influence on the feel of your garden and grounds.

The position of the entrance and exit of your garden or grounds is key to circulating the subtle energy flow towards and away from your property. Your Feng Shui garden can be a nourishing space which breathes life and energy into your home. It helps balance the inside and the outside energies to support the occupants.

Whether for residential or retail design, the Feng Shui influence of your surroundings has an estimated 60% influence on your building, so it is absolutely VITAL to design with Feng Shui principles in order to reap the benefits in the future.

Our experience ranges from roof terraces to 30 000 m2 plots, so we are confident we can expertly assist you whatever your project size.

See our MASTER PLANNING & URBAN PLANNING section for more information on larger scale projects.

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