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Why not take some time over the festive season to apply some simple Feng Shui tips to your office. Sometimes people become accustomed to working in the most debilitating circumstances without realising it. It is very important to follow basic Feng Shui tips to create a more stable environment to support your work. As a professional Feng Shui consultant with 14 years experience, I enjoy applying advanced and specialist strategies for clients, which are in no-way self-help as they require years of learning and creative application. But I never overlook the basic tips that can still make a real difference to your life! :)
    This reminds me, I must update my Facebook travel page to have now visited Norway! What a beautiful country, even just flying over the land near Oslo I could see the beautiful and very colourful patchwork of fields and forests. I can only imagine the Fjords must be breathtaking.
  Upon my return from a month long holiday/rest in USA, I was pleased to receive a copy of the book "Kids that Dream Big" by Lashai (11 years old) and Tray-Sean Ben Salmi (7 years old), children of my remarkable friend Sabrina Ben Salmi. The young authors encourage children to imagine a greater future for themselves and I was asked for my expert tips on how to support children with Feng Shui. I very much enjoy assisting kids with Feng Shui for sleep, study or help with bullying - see my testimonials section - you'd be amazed how much my Feng Shui has helped a number of the little people in the families I help! :) Here are the tips I provided in the book! I hope you find them useful and I can certainly help you with more bespoke and more advanced Feng Shui knowledge if you'd rather have an experienced expert help you :) Basic tips can sometimes help, but quite often a more skilled eye is required, so do get in touch. :) And to find out more about Lashai & Tray-Sean or BUY THEIR BOOK! their amazing websites are www.kidzthatdreambig.com &  www.puttheredcarduptobullying.com & www.lashaibensalmi.com
One of the most common complaints from prospective residential Feng Shui clients of mine is that they are finding it hard to sleep. We have had huge success with helping people sleep better, particularly children - it's so cute when I get to help the little people! So, here's another free video from my popular Feng Shui Video series, which shows you basic Feng Shui considerations and other practical tips for  arranging your bedroom.

Stumbled across this the other day! :) Its very true though - mindful and consistent application of Feng Shui does balance the energy of your home or office (macrocosm) and therefore balances your personal energies (microcosm) too! How do I know where the good energy is? If you...

It was fun to be interviewed about Feng Shui on Talk Radio Europe last week. Here is the recording: Talk Radio Europe in Spain with Sarah McAllister...

Good to see some intelligent writing on Feng Shui - thanks to Freshome for their kind invitation for me to tell them all about Feng Shui Interior Design - would have loved to feature our newest project completed just before Christmas but the pro photos...

As Feng Shui consultants our job is to ascertain the health of an environment from an energetic perspective and provide suggestions for improvement. Aside from lifeforce energy there are also very practical considerations such as air and water quality, which is why I make it known to my Feng Shui clients and students that the Nikken products work really well to cleanse drinking water and clean indoor air which is often more polluted than outdoor air.
How the natural forces of the universe affect the energies of the year is a fascinating subject called forecasting and refers to our Heaven Luck. I prefer the term forecast rather than prediction as I consider it more accurate and it also creates more psychological space to harness our Human Luck in order to better weather the forecast whereas prediction somehow sounds too final. We are never meant to feel victimized by the forecasts as this creates self-fulfilling prophecies, however, if we are forewarned we are forearmed and can fine-tune our strategies.
I wrote a summarised 2011 Forecast for the Feng Shui Society (in January 2011), influenced by my teacher Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, but interpreted by my own wisdom and knowledge. I correctly forecasted that it was timely this year for the people to express their feelings to governments and also that petroleum would be supported by the general energy of the year.  Below is an excerpt: