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Not many people want to add Chinese symbols into their home as they can look a bit out of place. I never ask a Feng Shui client to use many 'trinkets' at all - maybe a Buddha statue or a red paper charm here and there and a symbolic piece of Western (or Oriental) artwork, but otherwise Feng Shui is about unblocking energy in the environment, not adding 'stuff'. 
rugsofa.webI just got off the phone to an Interior Architect Lucinda who called in to my company and has been on my newsletter list for a few years - she was interested in a course on Feng Shui Interior Design. I explained I am no longer teaching but would keep her updated of the courses run by my colleagues and also asked her what she wanted to achieve by attending a 'regular' feng shui course. She went on to explain how she is working on a triangular shaped property at the moment and had always been interested in how she might apply Feng Shui to her interior design work.
With winter descending, I have been doing more baking and made my first parsnip cake last week!  It was delicious and will probably start replacing my amazing banana cake, as it is still deliciously sweet but not so sugary. There is something so cozy about cooking stews and baking cakes in the kitchen when outside it is raining, dark and windy! So I thought I'd release this free video about the Feng Shui of Kitchens. Hope you enjoy it!
    This reminds me, I must update my Facebook travel page to have now visited Norway! What a beautiful country, even just flying over the land near Oslo I could see the beautiful and very colourful patchwork of fields and forests. I can only imagine the Fjords must be breathtaking.

Ever wondered how to apply Feng Shui to Interior Design? This short video shows you in non-technical language how we approach a Feng Shui interior design project. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr25LYvv28k...