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Ever wondered what makes a city feel so great? or so awful...? Or certain parts feel really comfortable and others are unsettling? Classical Feng Shui places great emphasis on urban planning layout which doesn't just mean the man-made built environment but also where the natural features are like rivers, hillsides, mountains and lakes. London is an amazing example of really good feng shui. Read on to find out why...
Not many people want to add Chinese symbols into their home as they can look a bit out of place. I never ask a Feng Shui client to use many 'trinkets' at all - maybe a Buddha statue or a red paper charm here and there and a symbolic piece of Western (or Oriental) artwork, but otherwise Feng Shui is about unblocking energy in the environment, not adding 'stuff'. 

“We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.” Kahlil Gibran

With the full moon approaching on the 29th April, I thought it would be lovely to explore which plants only blossom at night and look particularly beautiful under a full moon. Years ago when I lived in Bristol, I had planted an area of my garden for evening delight, with fragrant white Nicotiana plants and night-scented stocks... Do you moon bathe?
Don't we always do the 'tourist thing' when our overseas friends come to stay? Eco-warrior extraordinaire and looooong time friend Katja Wiese was speaking at the Lush Summit at Old Billingsgate a few weeks back, so I jumped at the chance to catch up with her. We dined at Darwin's Brasserie in the Sky Garden, naturally... and had a beautiful dusk walk around Tower of London and over Tower Bridge. I took some epic photos from the viewing platform of Sky Garden for my digital scrapbook and also to use as illustrations to point out some basic Feng Shui influences in our stately capital, The City of London.
What with it being Valentine's day and all, I thought I would share a lovely story about a Buddhist client of mine in Highgate, London. She had commissioned me to help her organise her home office more effectively in terms of aligning desk to good direction to suit her horoscope and colours to balance the energy there and throughout the flat etc.
Sarah Love Brigade HatsAs a provider of Feng Shui consultation to homes and businesses all over London and overseas, I have supported charities such as Shelter for many years now as I know how the quality of the home of my clients directly affects their lives, and whilst I do enjoy travel immensely and living out of a suitcase now and then, I equally enjoy having my little nest to return to, and can't imagine how difficult, dangerous and lonely it must be, not to mention bitter cold to be living on the streets. This is why I responded immediately to the call of the Love Brigade and spent a blustery Sunday afternoon on 17th February 2013 with hundreds of other likeminded souls, organising bags of goodies into the 300 'Care Bags' which we then distributed throughout London to either organised shelters or people we randomly found on the street.
Why not take some time over the festive season to apply some simple Feng Shui tips to your office. Sometimes people become accustomed to working in the most debilitating circumstances without realising it. It is very important to follow basic Feng Shui tips to create a more stable environment to support your work. As a professional Feng Shui consultant with 14 years experience, I enjoy applying advanced and specialist strategies for clients, which are in no-way self-help as they require years of learning and creative application. But I never overlook the basic tips that can still make a real difference to your life! :)
With winter descending, I have been doing more baking and made my first parsnip cake last week!  It was delicious and will probably start replacing my amazing banana cake, as it is still deliciously sweet but not so sugary. There is something so cozy about cooking stews and baking cakes in the kitchen when outside it is raining, dark and windy! So I thought I'd release this free video about the Feng Shui of Kitchens. Hope you enjoy it!

Translation: Good day, I've been visiting the Academy for classes for the last 3 years now. This is second time I have attended Sarah's class and I must admit she helped me find answers in areas that were unclear. I would be very happy to...

As part of our commitment to doing some good in the world with our skills, we donated a London Feng Shui consultation to the silent auction at the Just Need Charity Winter Ball held at The Dorchester in London, in December last year. The charity...