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Ever wondered what makes a city feel so great? or so awful...? Or certain parts feel really comfortable and others are unsettling? Classical Feng Shui places great emphasis on urban planning layout which doesn't just mean the man-made built environment but also where the natural features are like rivers, hillsides, mountains and lakes. London is an amazing example of really good feng shui. Read on to find out why...
Don't we always do the 'tourist thing' when our overseas friends come to stay? Eco-warrior extraordinaire and looooong time friend Katja Wiese was speaking at the Lush Summit at Old Billingsgate a few weeks back, so I jumped at the chance to catch up with her. We dined at Darwin's Brasserie in the Sky Garden, naturally... and had a beautiful dusk walk around Tower of London and over Tower Bridge. I took some epic photos from the viewing platform of Sky Garden for my digital scrapbook and also to use as illustrations to point out some basic Feng Shui influences in our stately capital, The City of London.
I found myself explaining these concepts to a lovely Feng Shui client of mine in London a few weeks ago, who I have closely supported since 2011. So, I felt that it would be useful for readers of my blog to hear as well. Feng Shui is only for people who take responsibility for their lives. It's definitely about empowering yourself, by attuning to good energy as much as possible, and minimising negative chi.
Sleeping Child high resGood quality sleep is so vital for our health and happiness, but is increasingly elusive for adults and children alike. Typically, researchers will turn to the 'mechanics' of sleep such as biological processes, nutrition, heartbeat, the amount of REM and deep sleep cycles, the type of mattress etc.  All of these are important to help us understand the physicality of sleep...but rarely do I see the subtle influences on sleep to be analysed...
keep calm and feng shui onHouse hunting can be very stressful, especially in London, where the market moves very quickly and is very competitive. I have to act very swiftly and do my best to fit in quick trips to properties to take vital Feng Shui compass measurements and 'sense the chi', that is impossible remotely. Even with excellent photos of a property online listings can be misleading and several times I have come across floorpans that are incorrect and even have the wrong North orientation on them!