Anti-viral Air Filter helps asthma sufferers

Anti-viral Air Filter helps asthma sufferers

With all the worry about air-borne viruses and swine flu, not to mention the ever present challenges presented by pollution and asthma, Nikken have announced a special offer until end of August of 20% discount on their Airpower 5 hybrid airfilters/ionisers (non ozone), to encourage more people to benefit. See one of the latest Airpower 5 Testimonial attached.

We have been distributors of the Japanese Nikken products for about 6 years because in addition to my Feng Shui work, I have inevitably encountered environments that are beautiful and healthy but also ones that are a clutter nightmare and unhealthy, requiring a little technological help in addition to the Feng Shui.

While Feng Shui works primarily with the environmental energies of a space, the Nikken products are working hard for you in the background to provide ‘passive support’ i.e. the lazy man’s healthcare!  Just place an air filter next to your desk and you can improve the quality of air and reduce internal pollution.  Simply use a special sleep system and you cocoon yourself in immune system enhancing technologies… Very clever! So clever in fact that some of the world’s top athletes unreservedly endorse Nikken products.

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