Are you having a Chinese Zodiac identity crisis?!

Are you having a Chinese Zodiac identity crisis?!

A very common comment I hear from my Feng Shui clients and students is that they are confused about their Chinese Zodiac animal and Lo Shu number because many systems incorrectly work with the “Chinese New Year” instead of the Winter Solstice. This can cause great confusion in people and almost an identity crisis!

FACT: Chinese “New Year” is more correctly known as Spring Festival – it just got called “new year” because of the sense of new beginnings that Spring inspires. This year it fell quite early on 23rd January 2012.   In practice, many households in China and Far East celebrate the Winter Solstice (around 22 December each year) as the real New Year, because this is the longest night representing the return of the sun – ie. the new year beginning. In Feng Shui terms it is the greatest yin, turning to yang.

So for those of you born after 22 December 1971 you in fact belong to the Rat Year, not the Pig year. Most books will tell you that you are still in the Year of the Pig but in fact you have a Lo Shu number of 1 and not 2.

And another common misconception is that we only use the year to assess your horoscope – in fact, we use the Year, Month, Day & Hour (and location, and even whether Northern or Southern Hemisphere) to create your unique natal blueprint.

It can be a little disconcerting for those people who have been lead to believe they are one of the larger and more overtly powerful animals like the Tiger and Dragon to discover they are in fact a Rabbit or Snake, but you will find that this true animal sign is far more accurate if you are really honest with yourself.

Zodiac Animal Traits – it is truly amazing how closely we resemble our astrological ‘labels’ especially when we do not yet know the predominant characteristics. The whole point of astrology is to find your naturalness, your unique qualities and how you are connected to nature and the flow of life. It helps us to make key life decisions such as when to marry (and who to marry!), when to try for a child, when to start a new business, when to divorce, when to move house etc. It is also very revealing about your health, capacity for wealth, personal power, fame and influence in the world.  No serious entrepreneur should be without this chart as it’s information is priceless.

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