The limitations and possibilities of Feng Shui

The limitations and possibilities of Feng Shui

It was nice to catch up last night with a colleague of mine I hadn’t seen for years and we discussed Feng Shui research, public perception of Feng Shui and what it is like running a Feng Shui business. We tried hard not to start bemoaning the low quality of some very eminent Feng Shui consultants and the fact that some major governing bodies of Feng Shui demonstrate mistrust in classical Chinese Feng Shui!! How is that possible!! Its quite incredible really.

Anyhow, we discussed a few interesting client cases (in full confidence of course) and concluded a few things as follows:

Free Feng Shui tips are both a mixed blessing – I deliberately keep my free tips limited to actions I know cannot be misinterpreted or misused in any way. But there are plenty of unscrupulous consultants who would sell their grandmother’s to get the attention of the websurfer and next client!  It is little wonder then when people try these tips and find they don’t work (or cause harm) that people are tempted to abandon the whole idea of using Feng Shui at all.

Lets be sensible here – would you trust a doctor’s diagnosis that was given in a non-personal way, remotely or from a Twitter account – no, of course not! Feng Shui is like any other profession – it takes years to achieve a level where you can DELIVER what you say you can, and even then there are a multitude of influences beyond the control of the consultant.

Effectively, Feng Shui is seeking to align the human being with Heaven and Earth, or in more down to earth terms, our environmental chi, from local conditions to global conditions we are all affected. The ancient cultures and tribes have always known instinctively that our actions are connected to the community and planet and modern scientisits and quantum physicicsts repeatedly confirm that the world is nothing but a matrix of energy and consciousness.

So, it is no coincidence then that clients with less than perfect Feng Shui conditions in certain areas of the house will suffer because of the poor design of the house, not the lack of skill of the consultant. We are not Gods! We are simply human and trying to do our very best for people in an increasingly hectic society where the prizes go sometimes not to the people of quality but those who shout loudest or are the shrewdest marketers. In my opinion, you can be BOTH a quality consultant AND a good marketeer and I even see it as my DUTY to myself, life and others to remain diligent in my efforts to educate people about quality Feng Shui.

I’d like a bit more help from Chue Foundation, but Grand Master Chan is not a publicity seeking man as he knows how the press have the tendancy to misquote and even try to undermine people. Plus, he does not seek the limelight because his Feng Shui is very powerful, so he doesn’t want masses of clients, just the clients that are right for him.