How many people would move an entire pond to make sure their Feng Shui was the best it can be? That's exactly what two lovely clients of mine did in Suffolk last weekend, and here are the work in progress pictures and a video of a beautiful natural water feature we installed. According to my Feng Shui methodology, the existing pond was causing severe problems for the man of the property, and indeed the previous guy to live here had been gravely ill...

The Heart of You

The master key to ALL your relationships…

Understand why you are attracting your current situation, why you are stuck in the same old patterns, why you are plateauing, and how to re-balance your core energy, to get flowing in the right direction again…
[caption id="attachment_4883" align="alignleft" width="188"] PiMag Waterfall[/caption] With winter approaching us in Northern Hemisphere, I felt inspired to create a dedicated blog piece to health and wellbeing technologies, so that you have the knowledge you need to keep healthy this winter.


Even though you have your fair share of rain in some climates(!), especially Europe, you can still get dehydrated easily, as central heating goes on and dries the air out in your house or office space. You can remedy this with drinking more water of course, but no just any water. 
As I write this I am listening to the soothing sound of a cascading Flowform water feature that has the smoothest 'burbling' - my word for that mid point between babbling and gurgling! - and a slight breeze is on my cheek, the birds are cheeping now and then and welcome sunshine has unexpectedly made it through some dense cloud and early morning rain. I just had an apricot flapjack with some chai tea with almond milk and I am so grateful for the power of environment to soothe me and help me restore perspective.
I found myself explaining these concepts to a lovely Feng Shui client of mine in London a few weeks ago, who I have closely supported since 2011. So, I felt that it would be useful for readers of my blog to hear as well. Feng Shui is only for people who take responsibility for their lives. It's definitely about empowering yourself, by attuning to good energy as much as possible, and minimising negative chi.
Quick update to say just how important it is to follow feng shui advice, whether you believe in it or not... A young family hired me in November, all excited about owning their first home - they moved in and the poor little boy got really ill. I was shocked. This affected his mother and her ability to work and earn. She got in touch with me in February, explained the ill health, and I immediately set to work to figure out what might have gone wrong... 
[caption id="attachment_4817" align="alignleft" width="313"] A custom made Feng Shui aquarium for one of my corporate Feng Shui clients in London, UK[/caption] During my 20 years of carrying out business feng shui consultations, my business clients are ALWAYS the CEO’s or divisional directors of the company –  the leaders and highly successful men and women who understand the benefits of aligning to good energy.
Following on from a brief talk on investment performance in the Year of the Rooster I did for Proactive Investors network in Mayfair, London at the end of January, I was invited to give a 10 minute interview with Juliette Foster on Share Radio on feng shui for business and banking.
A lovely client of mine has a large new build project in London which I am working on since 2014, and as part of the service I also provided their full Chinese Horoscope charts. During the course of conversation, he announced he was getting married and that they were planning a wedding at their home in France for the September and what did I think of the date they had set?

Prepare for continued turmoil in the money markets this year and another dynamic year full of change and headstrong energy. Luckily, the Yin Fire Rooster is a little more mellow than the Yang Fire Monkey of 2016, but the pace won't let up much as we move into a very yang (male, active) period of time known as the 9 fate. Read on for a general overview of the year and your Chinese animal forecast.