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Do you want to create a home that is beautiful, healthy AND stylish? Are you designing a new commercial premises, hotel or wellbeing spa? Or planning to move your business offices and need to find the best premises?  Including Feng Shui in designs from the outset can help you to avoid design disasters and negative energy and create a supportive space of peace and positivity.


Founded by Sarah McAllister in 2003, Feng Shui Agency is one of the UK’s longest established London Feng Shui consultancies. Sarah is a unique property expert who enjoys inspiring you to see your space with new eyes, to connect to the energy around you and to the unique qualities inherent in yourself and the places you occupy. Our ‘niche’ is understanding life force energy and how it pulses through life and business – so we can help you with your residential feng shui needs and your business feng shui requirements. Based in London UK and Gloucestershire, Sarah also regularly travels overseas to provide her unique Feng Shui expertise.


I help harmonise the feng shui of your INNER and OUTER world so that you reach your personal and professional potential and business success. Please Contact Us for a chat with me about how I can help you.


Sarah is one of the longest established Feng Shui Consultants in London


Sarah has hand selected and personally trained a team of Feng Shui Consultants in London to support her nationwide and provide highly effective Feng Shui London residents will love.


Having trained extensively in urban planning Feng Shui, Sarah has great insight into the macro Feng Shui London dwellers are often influenced by.


Our clients benefit not only from advice on their space, but also from our extensive Chinese Astrology and Auspicious Date Selection services. We are incredibly dedicated to being the Feng Shui consultant London residents can rely on to provide an excellent professional and personal service.


We even have connections in property development, building contractors, design professionals and project managers to provide a comprehensive service for any architectural or interior design service we provide. We pride ourselves on giving you the full package as we want our clients to feel the full effects a professional Feng Shui Consultant, London-based and beyond can have on your space.




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