Feng Shui Consultation and Chinese Horoscopes are intimately connected yet stand alone as specialisms in their own right. The best Feng Shui consultants master both Feng Shui and Astrology systems. Understanding the Horoscope gives the Feng Shui consultant more options to support the client not only in decision making and timing of important events like conception, marriage, career interviews but also how to use the Ba Zi knowledge within the Feng Shui recommendations. We will guide you through the 5 day course to provide insights as follows:
This jam-packed 2 day course is designed for beginners, new to Chinese Horoscopes, to teach them how to navigate the Chinese 10000 Year Calendar and how to construct a Ba Zi Four Pillars Chinese Horoscope chart in preparation for the Advanced Ba Zi I course or as a stand alone introduction.  This is a golden opportunity for beginners to participate in Imperial or Chue Style Chinese Horoscopes without being a Feng Shui student. Master Sarah McAllister will guide you through the topics covered as follows: