Feng Shui Home Consultations

Feng Shui Home Consultations

My Feng Shui home consultation service has helped hundreds of families, couples and singletons throughout London and Home Counties to change their fortunes for the better by adopting our Feng Shui recommendations. With 15 years experience I have mastered the art of Feng Shui to deliver not only technically sophisticated solutions but advice that is practical and workable.


October is a great time of year to be in touch to arrange a consultation in the next few weeks which will help you prepare for the change of chi on December 21st 2013 to herald in the new energy of The Year of the Horse 2014.Ideal for new clients, this is particularly important for those born in the Year of the Rat 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 2008 as these people will need some help in 2014 to be their very best, because they are against the annual ruler the Horse – the energy of the Horse can be a devil or a blessing for the Rat, usually both, so let’s get you prepared with some great Feng Shui and Chinese horoscope advice!I offer 2 levels of service now – a flat rate Economy Service of £525 which gives you 2 hours onsite and emailed bullet point feedback. This is brilliant value, because I am very committed to your success and give generously of my knowledge and experience during my time with you.

Then there is the beautiful Divine Design VIP™ Level where I provide you with up to 6 hours onsite, and a full Chinese Horoscope report including “In My Element”™ Fashion Feng Shui analysis and “Qi Signature”™ Communications advice and a Private Mentoring Lunch with me at a suitably gorgeous venue near your home or office and much more in-depth service and strategy enabling me to give you the best I have to offer.

Both these rates cover properties of 1-3 bedroom size whether flat or house. Any larger and the fee needs to be slightly more and agreed in advance. For Businesses these two rates cover home based business (Economy) and small business premises (up to 5 staff).

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For existing clients I offer an onsite tune up in London/Home Counties for £395 onsite or £245 remotely.

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  • Helps you make decisions on which property to buy that will best support your individual or family energy.
  • Avoid the mistake of buying property with negative Feng Shui
  • Helps you make up your mind on colour schemes, layouts and room usage.
  • Peace of mind that your environmental chi or “Earth Luck” is optimised to support you.

Feng Shui Home Consultation

Property Selection Service Prices


We will hunt down the Feng Shui problem that could be causing arguments, bad luck, career blockages, miscarriage, chronic ill health, marital breakdown. The Feng Shui of your property accounts for 30% of your overall luck, so we do not promise miracles (though they do sometimes happen) and we don’t bring a magic wand (though sometimes magic is definitely afoot!) we do promise to apply ourselves fully and attentively to your situation and explore all possible means to help you improve the situation.

Later Heaven Sequence


Our Feng Shui consultations are very successful for improving quality of sleep, particularly for children. Read our Testimonials section full of praise from delighted parents!

Sleep like a baby


Imagine your space entirely customised to your unique energy constitution! From the colours on the walls to the layouts of the rooms, materials and orientation of beds/desks/sofas etc. – every interior design decision is painstakingly and lovingly thought through to achieve the perfect energy balance for you.
From concept to technical design, build and completion we will hold your hand all the way to create your perfect Feng Shui space whether for home or business our designers have specialism in both residential and commercial interior design and Master Sarah McAllister guides the application of Feng Shui knowledge throughout. Great discounts on Retail Prices for our clients.

Feng Shui Interior Design


Working either with your own garden designer or our Feng Shui Landscaping Professional, we will create a beautiful garden surrounding your home to circulate the most auspicious chi available in your environment.

Early Heaven Sequence

“DONE FOR YOU” service for people with no time!

For an additional fee we will arrange for all the Feng Shui changes to be made for you. So you can forget about calling in tree surgeons and decorators – we will take care of this for you.


Feng Shui energies are ever changing and after your main consultation you would be wise to have an annual tune-up (some people seek seasonal or monthly tune-ups too). Your main consultation will be suitable for you for at least 5-10 years from a general perspective, however, if you want to best align with the annual energies then it is recommended you have a regular tune-up with us. Depending on the scope of the initial consultation this may or may not involve another site visit and can possibly be conducted over the telephone or email at our hourly rate of £86 per hour plus VAT.


To ensure the highest possible level of Feng Shui application and to “dance with energy” wisely and adeptly, we can help you fine tune not only the spatial energies but also your timing for important decisions every month. Soon you’ll begin to tap in and access a whole new realm of awareness. Its positively thrilling. Please contact us for more details of this exceptional service.

Feng Shui Home Consultation


This is a powerful combination of Chi Kung Healing, Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, Feng Shui, Date Selection, Horoscope work, Personal Styling and Personal Organising. Are you ready to transform into your highest potential?

Very few people succeed entirely on their own and those that do often burn out or sacrifice another area of their life. With this package you can access the skill, healing force and experience of leading practitioners to give you an accelerated route to success. And what’s extra special is that our ethical approach will show you how to become more empowered by the process to reduce your reliance on us. Price on application.

For further information READ OUR HOME FENG SHUI CONSULTATION GUIDE and/or FAQs or just Contact Us now to step up to positive change.

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International Feng Shui Consultation is available – Master McAllister has detailed knowledge and experience of the Feng Shui conditions in varying topographical conditions from the coastal and inland deserts of UAE, Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan to the deserts of California and Arizona. She has experience working with Feng Shui in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Phoenix and Boston. She has also consulted on Feng Shui in Caribbean, Russia, New Zealand, Australia and Japan and of course most of Europe.  Please Contact Us for further details.