Feng Shui City & Urban Planning

Feng Shui City & Urban Planning

We understand the practical constraints facing urban planners and seek always to work in a spirit of supportive collaboration, having advised on projects with Westminster Council planners, urban planners in France, Marine & Fisheries Sustainablity Officers in Antigua and civil engineers in UAE, Master McAllister can expertly navigate design considerations and legislative issues and still produce workable Feng Shui Urban and City Planning solutions.

Our highly specialised techniques can be applied to the following city problems:

Crime and anti-social behaviour – removing ‘poison chi’ to circulate more positive energies to support a harmonious neighbourhood.

Economic decline – the most common way to kill off an area commercially is to introduce a one-way system.

Vacant buildings – even some landmark buildings in London lie empty for years with no tenants – Feng Shui skill can tell you why and how to fix them.

Other applications for Feng Shui City Planning

Social Housing projects – How to plan new developments or work with existing developments to improve quality of life of tenants

Leisure & Commercial Complex – Large leisure or commercial sites can be planned to not only increase the success in the short-term but also the longer term.

New Government Buildings / Administration Complexes – Design strong buildings rather than the nightmarish

New Cities

New economic or industrial cities present the perfect opportunity to blend ancient wisdom with modern design.

What makes us special?

Unlike many part-time or hobbyist consultants, we live and breathe Feng Shui every day, full-time, whether teaching, consulting or researching our methodology. We are too busy to write books, but plan to soon!

Master Sarah McAllister has close working relationships with Feng Shui Urban Planners and Feng Shui Architects in UK and Europe and we work all over the world.

Truly innovative in our blend of urban planning know-how and the fusion of Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry systems.

Did you know Feng Shui design can actually save you money? We see things differently, afresh, anew and make bold suggestions to rethink design conundrums – so much so that architects consider us as problem solvers.

Experience a fresh approach to design. Our years of Feng Shui architecture and Urban Planning experience sets us miles ahead of the rest. Well versed in architectural and design terminologies we keep right up to speed with your design requirements, whether for retail, residential or office design. Feng Shui spas being our very favourite…