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Sarah is more than a Feng Shui consultant. She is a visionary, a change catalyst, motivator, designer of well being and a business intuitive. She is one of only 6 Feng Shui Masters in the Chue style tradition worldwide and 1 of only 3 Urban Planning Feng Shui Masters in the world.

Her Feng Shui experience spans ecobuilds, home and business Feng Shui consultations in the countryside to luxury townhouse refurbishments, 230 000m2 mixed use commercial buildings and leisure resorts and spas in London and overseas. She is quick to understand both the demands and vision of a project and naturally thinks in 3D, which means she always has a handle on the design process.

Her clients include Princes Foundation for the Built Environment, Red Bull, Bartercard, London Calling, Smiley and St Hugh’s College, Oxford University.

Sarah is author of “The Dreams Architect – Radiant Energy Mapping for Powerful & Peaceful Homes” – a book specifically written for people designing new homes or refurbishing existing buildings.


Residential and Private Work

Sarah teaches people to wake up to their space, wake up to the energy around them and to the unique qualities inherent in themselves and the spaces they occupy.

She leads her clients and students on a process of self-discovery and offers firm yet patient support at every step of the way.

Sarah knows the discomfort of being out of alignment with your dreams, so she can listen to your story with great empathy and intuitive wisdom, offering perspectives that are startling perceptive and accurate, and useful.

Sarah also knows the invigoration of living her dreams, stepping into (and maintaining) self-mastery. She travels internationally for Feng Shui work and private pleasure.

Sarah has often been described by people as a “real person”, down to earth, sincere and caring and with a wicked sense of humour and she is recognised as an innovator and trailblazer in her field having lectured in far flung places such as Iran and Saudi Arabia and also been instrumental in starting a new school in Moscow.

Feng Shui is just one of the tools that Sarah uses to help people achieve positive and lasting change in their lives. Sarah’s previous training includes practitioner diploma in Shiatsu, a variety of Shamanic trainings and courses including Full Body De-armouring, advanced Wilderness Survival and Apache Scout skills. Her eclectic background spanning City of London banking & insurance, working as a Day Carer for people with Learning Difficulties and being a self-employed translator for London Translations and Language Matters. She is founder and owner of Feng Shui Agency Ltd, a world class Feng Shui Design & Build company and was the principal of Feng Shui Agency School from 2005 until August 2013 when she delegated teaching to highly competent associate teachers in order to concentrate on her consultation work and writing more fully.

Her Feng Shui Training is second to none, having studied extensively with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah and Master Kajal Sheth since 2002 and with other Feng Shui teachers since 1998.

Master Sarah McAllister

What is the Master’s diploma?

Awarded to Sarah in 2009 by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, this Master title is presented to her within a traditional Chinese lineage, and is not a self-appointed title or marketing gimmick like many others in the Feng Shui field. Within the Chue style family Sarah is one of only 6 Feng Shui masters whose Feng Shui skill has been tested out “in the field” in an exam environment. There are plenty of Horoscope, Yuen Hom, Date Selection and I Ching masters but these are awarded after passing theoretical exams only with no actual test of Feng Shui skill in the field.

Sarah’s Speaking Engagement Experience

Speaker for “The Purposeful Enterprise Summit” with Jenny Andersson  April 2016

Interview on “The Hannah Murray Show” TalkRadioEurope, September 2016

Speaking on “The Hidden Energy of Success” for Fabrizio Poli’s Living Outside the Cube series April 2015

“Your Unique Qi in Business”  for The Soulpreneur Sessions with Yvette Taylor, January 2014

RIBA Wellbeing Conference, Birmingham UK, July 2011 – 20 mins talk presenting a 7000 word paper.

Neville Johnson Furniture Company, London – February 2012 – 45 mins “Feng Shui Interior Design”

Feng Shui Society Conference, London, UK November 2011 – 45 mins talk presenting “Feng Shui of Powerful Cities”

St Joost Academy, Breda, Netherlands, March 2011 – 45 mins talk on Feng Shui Interior Design

DECO Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2008 (alongside speakers from a variety of companies such as Missoni & Inchbald Institute)

“Feng Shui Interior Design for Health” – 1hr lecture x 3

Homes for Good exhibition, Somerset UK, 2008
“Feng Shui – the Original Green Design”

DECO International Conference on Interior & Furniture Design, Tehran, Iran 2008
“Feng Shui Interior Design”

Princes Foundation for Built Environment – London Chinatown workshop 2008
“The Chinese Art of Feng Shui – working with nature to transform space”

Chue Foundation AGM – Bad Homburg, Germany 2006
Research Group presentation
Flying Star Technique presentation

Exhibitions (Without speaking engagements)

  • Life’s 4 Living Charity Event at The Energy Clinic, London 2007
  • Mind Body Spirit, Victoria, London 2006
  • Ecobuild, Earls Court, London 2009 and 2010 – Green Shoots Pavillion

Master Sarah McAllister Sitting
feng shui for business clients