Not a lucky day for your wedding, sorry

Not a lucky day for your wedding, sorry

A lovely client of mine has a large new build project in London which I am working on since 2014, and as part of the service I also provided their full Chinese Horoscope charts. During the course of conversation, he announced he was getting married and that they were planning a wedding at their home in France for the September and what did I think of the date they had set?

I was a little mortified when I looked it up in the Chinese Almanac and also looked at the ‘Chi Calculations”, as the chi was clashing, there was sickness (this doesn’t always mean sickness from a health perspective, but just ‘negative energy’) and rather negative ‘palaces’ and a lot more I didn’t like. So I had to be diplomatic, but obviously tell it like it is… Regrettably, the client’s wife wasn’t that thrilled to hear my verdict and because the vicar had been booked for months, decided to go ahead anyway. I mentioned a few alternative dates and also did my best to point out some of the positive aspects of the day they had selected, as I didn’t want her to feel negative and increase the chances of it not turning out well be creating a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. I always have to strike a balance between managing what is set in stone and cannot be changed and providing adequate warning and asking them to heed my advice! It can be tricky.

Anyhow, fast track a year and 2 months later (the project is huge so it is taking a long time), and I finally met the wife in person – really lovely lady – and she said goodnaturedly ‘You were right that the day wasn’t good for our wedding – it was truly awful. The weather was forecast to be lovely but it was atrocious, the caterers were useless and we even had problematic behaviour from some of the guests!’  At which point the husband chimed in that everything was great and wonderful between them on the day and has been since, just that that the wedding itself was rather chaotic. Interesting isn’t it?

We live in a world that often prizes facts and science over what is ‘invisible’ and a little intangible, yet so much more is going on energetically. The irony is that the more scientists discover, the more they realise the wisdom of the ancient peoples holds true, that all is energy and that everything is interconnected.

I was not at all pleased to have been right about that day not being great, but it just goes to show the accuracy of these forecasting techniques. Sometimes people need to go through a few ‘suboptimal’ experiences before they understand the power of alignment. I was happy to hear that they managed to enjoy the day themselves, even if things were falling apart around them.

If you’d like to avoid similar disasters on your wedding day, please do get in touch and we can discuss how Auspicious Date Selection can make your Wedding or other special event really magical.

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