Grounding Mat for Deeper Sleep & Wellbeing

Grounding Mat for Deeper Sleep & Wellbeing

Do you wish you could spend more time in nature, but you live in a city? Or even if you live in the country you can never seem to find the time to go for a walk?

Now you can bring a bit of nature inside, with the new Nikken Kenko Ground product which is an earthing mat that you can put under your desk or at the foot of your bed (or both!) and immediately connect to the earth energy.

Even when we walk in nature, most of the time we have hiking boots on, or rubber soled trainers or running shoes, or wellington boots – all of these prevent us from the fullest connection to the earth, because they are busy protecting our feet. Most of the time, we do need this protection, as country paths can be full of all sorts of perils for our feet! But now and then it just feels sooooo good to walk barefoot.

One of my biggest peeves about the UK weather is that it is too cold to go barefoot outside for most of the year, which is why I am so enjoying taking the time most mornings to walk barefoot on the lawn while looking at new flowers in the garden and listening to the birds, all while sipping my Swiss Water Decaf coffee with coconut milk! I feel like Snow White! Lol! I love it.

At night I already have a grounding mat at the foot of my bed (from another company actually) which connects to the Earthing ring of your home via the plug socket (all homes legally should have an earthing ring in the UK). It is sadly not practical for me to put a rod into the earth with a wire attached to a grounding mat, so I am making the best of what I can currently do.

So, I am exciting to have my new Nikken Kenko Ground mat that can be my spare for travelling and also to use under my desk or under my laptop while I work.

One aspect of good Feng Shui is about designing your space so that you can maximise your natural connection to the Earth and to nature. So, if you have been putting off having a Feng Shui consultation with me because you are renting, or in a state of change, or stress or mess, or simply can’t find the funds, then I encourage you to gift yourself this small relatively inexpensive device which can really really help you.

For fuller details & to buy online please see my webpage:

Find the KenkoGround under PRODUCTS / REST & RELAXATION

You can purchase online – so easy, so affordable.

I really hope you take advantage of this wonderful and convenient wellness technology.

Kindest, Sarah


Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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